New pattern #254 Swing Coat promises to be an easy-sew success for all seasons. Lightweight and drapey or crisp and structured, the look is casual and fun. It has just four main pattern pieces and two pocket options for a quick-to-create fashion that you can wear open for maximum "swing" or belted for a pulled-together look.

Television Dramas have Fabulous Clothes

Downton Abbey, the wildly popular Masterpiece drama on PBS TV, continues to move through wonderful fashion periods. Seasons 1 and 2 took place before and during the World War I era. Seasons 3, 4, and 5 are set in the 1920s. Upcoming Season 6 (the last…alas) will be set in the late 1920s. To create a special Downton Abbey look, choose from an array of appropriate patterns: #209 Walking Skirt, #237 Tango Dress, #264 Monte Carlo Dress, #268 Metropolitan Suit, #503 Poiret Cocoon Coat are just a few.

Outlander, on Starz, and Game of Thrones, on HBO, feature incredible history-inspired costumes with gorgeous details. Use our #207 Kinsale Cloak to re-create Claire's Outlander wedding cloak and tweak #108 Turkish Dancer for a Game of Thrones court fashion. And check out Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, about a sassy, flashy detective in 1920s Melbourne, Australia (episodes are available from Netflix). We're certain that Miss Fisher wore our #503 Cocoon Coat in several of the episodes.

New Frontiers: Facebook and Pinterest
We are finally stepping into the world of social media by putting up a Facebook page, and also a Pinterest board with the generous help of Ann Spangler who is doing a fantastic job of keeping things interesting and inspiring. Do visit the sites, "like" and "follow" us, and check in once in a while to see what's new. Our periodic email newsletter will continue to go out a few times a year, to keep you up-to-date on Folkwear news as well as special textile events around the world. If you want to receive our email newsletter, just send a request to and you will be added to the recipient list.

Email newsletter
About three times a year, we put together an email newsletter that includes Folkwear news and informative tidbits from the fascinating world of costume and fashion. We are also planning some extra special offers that will be available only online. If you are interested in receiving this newsletter, make sure we have your current email address (visit the Contact Us page). If you are not interested, tell us so we won't bother you with unwanted emails. By the way, we don't share your info with anyone else!

Doing our part to go green. As we add sizes to our pattern packages (up to 7 separate sizes in each pattern) the amount of paper required to print the multi-size pattern piece tissues keeps increasing in both volume and cost. To lighten the cost to the environment and cost of production, we are switching to a lighter-weight tissue. Regardless of the paper thickness, we always recommend that you trace off the size you want to cut out, using either our S101 Pattern Tracing Fabric or gift-wrap tissue paper. That way, you can make design or fitting changes to the traced pattern, but the original remains intact.

Reminders for using the shopping cart
Every web site is different and it can get confusing to navigate the different sites. Here are a few reminder tips about using our shopping cart.

  • Begin order. Click on an item to get to its detail or information page, enter the quantity desired, and click "Add to Cart." This takes you to the shopping cart page where you fill in your address and payment information.
  • Back to Shopping. If you want to continue shopping, simply click the Continue Shopping button. This takes you back to our Pattern Index, where you can find patterns by their number or name.
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Have you taken liberties with Folkwear?
If you have ever started with a Folkwear pattern, and then taken a creative flight of fancy with it to end up with a truly unique garment, we would love to know about it. These patterns often beg for a fresh interpretation or stamp of individual style, and the results are always inspiring! Please share your "refreshed" or "individualized" Folkwear results with others. Take a digital photo (jpg file) and email it to along with some comments about the changes and liberties you took with the pattern. We will post it in the Photo Gallery to inspire others.


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